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Prepping for your Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are very special to me. Welcoming a new life into our world is the biggest change and greatest love we will ever know. The first months of having a newborn is an adjustment and we often forget what it was like to have a newborn because they grow out of that stage so quickly. I want to capture your baby in that phase so that you can look back and reflect on that special season in life.

{When to schedule} It is best to schedule your newborn session during your pregnancy. We can add a tentative date to get you on my calendar. When you are at the hospital and have had your baby, I ask that you call me then and we will schedule your actual session date. It is best to photograph your newborn at 5-14 days old. After the first two weeks babies start "waking" up and can be more difficult and sometimes impossible to get certain poses that are the typical newborn look. So it is VERY important to schedule in advance!

{Prep list}

*The studio will be warm and I will have a white noise machine on. This ensures baby's comfort and helps keep them {and parents} sleepy. Dress in layers, or light clothing for your own comfort. 


*Please do not bathe baby before the session. Their skin is so sensitive and new that it may cause more breakouts and redness. Also, do not lather baby in lotion. This makes their skin too shiny in photographs. 


*Bring baby dressed in zip or button up clothing. Nothing that goes over their head. No socks or hats please. 


*Try to keep baby awake for 2 hours prior to session. This is VERY important to help with a successful session. I know it's hard, but it truly works! Having a sleepy baby ensures more time photographing them. Waiting for the baby to get settled into a deep sleep takes away that time.


*Cluster feed baby until you arrive at the studio, then give baby a big feeding right before the session. Cluster feeding is just the best way to get baby full. Full tummy=sleepy baby! If you are nursing, stay away from spicy or gassy foods and caffeine prior to your session. Bring a bottle or two, just in case.


* Bring a pacifier without attachment. Even if you don't use one at home, it helps settle them into a pose.

*I will pose baby and use my own props. I have a variety of soft backdrops, wraps, hats, and headbands.

*You are welcome to watch me work, but I encourage you to relax and enjoy the peace.

*The session will last approximately 2-3 hours. If you have older children, it is best to bring them separate. Please let me know if this is something you plan on doing. 

*I will have water, but feel free to bring something to eat or snack on. My studio is a small room in my house and I have a couple of chairs to sit in but you are also welcome to rest in my living room and watch tv if you'd like.